Within the most subsidiary purpose, Allerfonden grants support for citizens of the Nordic countries to be used for brief educational programmes with an effective duration of between 1 week and 12 months.

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It is not possible to apply for grants from Allerfonden

Any applications received will therefore be shredded or deleted electronically without being read, handled, or responded to.

The grant committee finds and selects potential recipients

Allerfonden has established a grant committee to carry out the preparatory work connected to the foundation’s most subsidiary purpose.

The grant committee, on its own, finds and selects via its secretaries and its professional network all potential grant recipients for brief educational programmes among citizens of the Nordic countries. When these, afterwards, have been evaluated by the grant committee, the final grant recipients are nominated every spring in the months of March to May by the grant committee for the final decision of the board of Allerfonden.

The individual grant recipients are finally approved by the board of Allerfonden at a board meeting every year, at the latest in May.

Grants within three main areas

The grants from Allerfonden are awarded for brief educational training for citizens of the Nordic countries within the following three main areas:

1. Media and journalism
2. Graphical technology
3. Design and photography

Allerfonden particularly supports:

Education for editorial workers and other publishing employees within media and journalism

The grant recipients may be offered education within editorial and publishing related areas. This may, for example, take place at the London School of Communication or other similar institutions.

Education focused on the graphical area

The grant recipients must be given the possibility to meet others within their given field, create an international network and receive a professional introduction to new technologies, methods, trends, etc. so that they become familiar with the leading edge of technological development. This may for example happen at a 2-week placement at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York State, USA, or other similar institutions.

Education/inspiration for designers and photographers

The grant recipients may be both recent graduates or more experienced designers and photographers who want new inspiration and new networks at relevant university courses. This ma,y for example, take place at School of Visual Arts in New York, USA, at Central Saint Martins in London, UK, or other similar institutions.

Researchers/research projects within the three main areas

The grant recipients may be offered support for the purchasing of equipment, support for the publication of a PhD thesis, support for participation in a seminar, congress or the like.